Participation in Mr. Hoffmann’s Toy Box event on May 6th.

We will participate in Mr.Hoffmann’s Toy Box in Taiwan on May 6th. We look forward to your participation in our fans.

✦ Event Date ✦
2023. 5. 6 SAT 10: 30 A.M. – 4: 00 P.M. (local time)

✦Venue Location✦
Taipei New Horizon, 6F Function Room, No. 88, Yanchang Rd, Songshan District ​
SOOM Booth No : P24



❗ The Gem_LG_Pel (Normal Skin),IDEALIAN_Hwa-In (Peony White / Grey) are both limited quantities and cannot be lined up at the same time ❗


[ On-site first-come-first-served pre-order notice ]

1. This item is a pre-order product that can be ordered on a first-come, first-served basis at the event site
2. Orders are limited to one skin color per account ID, and duplicate purchases may be canceled without notice.
(e.g. A) ① Purchasing Storm Cream > ② Waiting in line again to purchase Storm Peony White > ③ Order successful when payment is completed
(e.g. B) ① Purchasing Storm Peony White > ② Waiting in line again to purchase Hwa-In Peony White > ③ Order successful when payment is completed
(e.g. C) ① Purchasing Hwa-In Grey > ② Waiting in line again to purchase Hwa-In Grey > ③ Unable to pay, order failed
3. This product cannot be changed order details, and shipping address, etc. or canceled after ordering. And orders to a duplicate shipping address may be canceled without notice.
4. Order and payment should be done before the event ends to accept your order.
5. Orderers may be penalized who cancel after placing an order, so please order carefully. (Restricted for purchasing limited dolls, etc.)
6. If you are considered a purchasing agent, you may rejected to order on site.
7. Purchasing is restricted to buyers under the age of 14, so you may be needed to confirm your identity with your ID card or passport.
8. Only the winner can purchase, and the winning qualification cannot be transferred to another person. And please note that if high-priced resale is confirmed, the order will be canceled and the account blocked after confirmation.


[ Payment notice ]

* Please make an order after registering as a SOOM membership on our official website
* Cash payment or bank transfer is not accepted at the event site.
* Orders that are not paid within the operating hours of the event may be canceled automatically.
* If you select the SOOM Layaway, the 1st payment should be completed by the operating time of the event day.
* According to the payment company’s policy, payment may be failed if the connection IP, card issuing country, or delivery address are different.
* According to the payment company’s policy, bank transfer and WeChat payment are not supported when SOOM Layaway is selected.
* In case of delay in layaway payment, the order will be canceled according to our regulations.
* Please understand that the limited quantity products will be sold out early.
* Points cannot be earned or used for this event product.


Please see below for sales list.

 The quantity of some dolls is limited. See details on the product description page






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