Notice for issuing Certificate of Authenticity in 2020

Thank you for loving our dolls.
We would like to notify that our Certificate of Authenticity(CoA) for the dolls over 26cm released in 2020 will be issued head and body separately.
And please note that dolls less than 26cm will be issued with a single Certificate of Authenticity as usual.
And the certificate number written on the CoA can be checked on the certificate verification page on our website
. 🙂

The dolls with issuing the CoA separately】 ◆ Only for the dolls over 26cm released in 2020 as below.◆
▷ The Gem : Super Gem / Little Gem / Teenie Gem ( Mini Gem Excluded )

▷ Neo-AngelRegion : iMda 5.2 / iMda 4.3 / iMda 3.0 / iMda 2.8 / iMda 2.6
▷ Idealian : ID75 / ID72 / ID68 / ID51

Examples of issuing CoA according to composition
Ex. 1) One Head + One Body composition : One CoA for head + One CoA for body
Ex. 2) Two Heads + One Body composition : Two CoAs for heads + One CoA for body
Ex. 3) A head only : One CoA for head
Ex. 4) An additional Body : One CoA for body

Please take care of yourself and your family.
Thank you and have a nice day

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