In a far future. The surface of the earth is immersed for a long time ago now, and the lower class people all live together on a raft feeding themselves with duckweed. Up in the sky is living the middle-class society, inhabitants of numberless asteroids of all sizes called ‘Steam Houses’, where the living conditions are not too bad. The size and shapes of the asteroids are different according to one’s social position and occupation. There are not only simple households, but also hotels, ministries, airports, banks, and more. These people have small wings attached to their back so they can fly from a place to another. For longer distances, they travel using airships or hot air balloons.

The steam asteroids use a special energy for a long time ago, and it is named the ‘Energy G’.It is provided by a huge company that have the monopoly on it, ‘Bio G’. But nowadays, the energy G source starts to be exhausted, and prices are skyrocketing. It provokes a downfall and more and more middle-class family have to abandon their steam houses and become duckweed people.

People are afraid of a future without energy, and this situation make them imagine a better life in a brand new land. Among people dreaming of another world, some of them spread the rumor of a land not immersed by sea yet, a shore named ‘Summerland’ and located in the south pole. Just like in a fairytale, people are hoping to become wealthy if they find that place. Summerland is not composed of steam asteroids but it is a land with trees and flowers springing up everywhere, a peaceful place like a paradise on earth according to the legend. People keep wondering who is going to search for the Summerland map, and some of them who believe in its existence have decided to leave and look for this paradise.

Men participating to the Paradise Rush : 
 ⋅ Weird guy
 ⋅ Wealthy guy
 ⋅ Mysterious guy
 ⋅ Bad guy
 ⋅ Casanova guy
 ⋅ Cute guy
 ⋅ Tough guy
 ⋅ Perfect guy
 ⋅ Funny guy

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