Since the Antiquity, The IDealians exist in different places in the world. Among them, the Time Leapers possess superpowers with which they can travel in time. They were born with these superhuman faculties and, with the help of instructors, they can use their magical powers. At the end of hard studies, they created a system similar to a time machine so they can experience travels in time. As a fact, they can also go to the future. Because they can learn everything about lottery results, gambling, real estate investment and stocks, they became rich and thanks to an advanced medicine science, they are able to extend their life span. In order to preserve their private life as time travelers, the Time Leapers mainly live in distant villages or residences, castles or ships. At home, they have objects than don’t exist somewhere else, and their wardrobe is full of costumes that can be seen only in historical or science-fiction films. They started to experience time travels after they accidentally discovered the time slip. The Time Leapers travel in time using various methods, and they are listed as follow :

⋅ Secret Place _ Thanks to secret doors hidden in his own room, in the forest, or at a spot on the seaside, he can move to the past or the future.
⋅ Magical Object _ He can travel in time and space using magical items like books, mirrors or bags.
⋅ Faster Than Light _ With a special cloth or vehicle, he can time travel faster than light.
⋅ Time Point _ He can go to the place he wants by deciding about the destination in advance. After he entered a magic circle and casted a spell, he can time travel to an accurate epoch and place.
⋅ Time machine _ He can time travel thanks to the time machine he has designed, and can go wherever and whenever he wishes.

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