[Important Notice] Providing free warranty for the Narmer & Hyun brain parts

Thank you for loving our doll.
This is an important notice to the customers who received the Narmer and Hyun dolls released in August and October last year

It has been confirmed an issue that some of the heads for the Narmer and Hyun cannot be inserted the brain parts,
and also confirmed that the head is likely to be damaged if the brain is inserted by force

So we will proceed to provide a reformed brain part for free of charge to all the customers who ordered these dolls, so we ask you that do not put the brain parts into the doll’s head by force.

We will do the best to ship the new brain as soon as possible.


[Target dolls]

The Sleepy Head of the ‘Greed -Narmer’ doll, released on August 27, 2020 
Shipped dolls before December 29, 2020 among the normal color heads of the ‘玄 : HYUN’ doll, released on October 15, 2020

* The basic head does not have this issue, so don’t worry if your doll has a basic head.
* The reformed brain part is compatible with the Idealian 72 / 75 body and head.
* The dolls shipped after December 29, 2020, or dolls that have not yet been shipped are not relevant for this issue
* The new brain parts will be sent to the delivery address on your order page of the doll.
If your address is changed, please let us know through our Q&A board by February 9th.


We sincerely apologize for your inconvenience,
and we will strengthen our inspection to prevent this issue again.
If you have any inquiries for this, please contact with our Q&A board.
Thank you


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