We have gathered here information pertaining to the maintenance and handling of ball jointed dolls as well as answers to frequently asked questions about using our website.


1. You can register easily by clicking on the button 'Resister' at the top of all our websites.
2. The personal information about every member is safely kept in our database and only administrators are able to see it.

1. You can quickly modify your personal information at anytime.
2. Sign in to your account and enter your desired changes, then click the 'Submit' button. Changes take effect immediately.
3. You can Change most of your information in 'My Account' except for ID.
4. Please note that we would not be able to deliver your goods correctly if your information is not accurate.

In case you forgot your ID or password, click on the ‘find password' link in the 'Login' section and fill out the popup page.

In case of e-mail, it is often occurred that your e-mail is not received due to various internet communication problems or our reply e-mail is not delivered to you properly. Therefore, please make an inquiry only through Q&A bulletin board. Q&A bulletin boards are always managed by the person in charge, so you can get the quickest response.

If an error occurs while using the shopping mall, please attach a screenshot through the Q&A bulletin board and let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible.

SOOM Customer Center Operating Hours (Korea Standard Time)
- Weekdays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (lunch time from 11:30 to 1:00 pm)
- Saturdays, Sundays, and Republic of Korea legal holidays are closed.
* Please refer to the 'Notice' bulletin board for other temporary holidays.

If you are an existing member who accesses our renewal website for the first time, please reset your password.

Password initialization Guide

Please reset your password. 
The password of the member who is registered in the existing homepage can not be transferred to the renewal homepage by the privacy policy.
So please understand that it is necessary to initialize your password.
You can use your existing ID as it is.
[Password Initialization Method]
1. Click Log in at the top of the home page.
2. Click Lost Password on the login page.
3. Enter your user ID or Email and click Reset Password.
* Please enter your Email address when you registered.
4. Reset the password by clicking the link after checking your Email.
5. Follow the guide to change to the new password.
* Password must be at least 12 digits of alphanumeric characters, numbers and special symbols.

• Please ask through our Q&A board if you have any inconveniences or related inquiries.


SOOM dolls are made in a variety of skin colors. Please compare the color difference of representative skin on 'SUPPORT> skin color guide' of SOOM shopping mall menu. The skin color of the ball joint doll is inevitably caused by color differences due to the handmade. In order to compensate for these issue, SOOM instituted a Color Digitizer to collect a large amount of color-related data during the coloring process of urethane, and devised a standardized color scheme by setting the optimal color balance. By doing this, it is managed to minimize the color difference by comparing it with the standardized color schema data for each skin color during doll production and inspection.

Face-up is adding aesthetic effects using various pigments to highlight the character and personality of the character on the face of the doll's face. It is also called 'makeup' because it is made up of eyeliner, eye shadow, freckles, ball touch, lipstick, and wrinkles. Face-ups are considered as non-permanent because the pigment may fade as time goes by, or may be damaged due to carelessness during use. If it is damaged, it may have to partially correct it or erase the entire face up and face it up again.

SOOM is offering body brushing service for a charge. If you want to have a body brushing, please select from the options when ordering. Body blushing is the process of painting with an airbrush on the body surface to express the body of a ball joint doll more realistically closer to the actual skin. The doll's body looks more stereoscopic and luxurious and looks alive. It also has some effect to prevent yellowing of the doll. However, please note that body blushing may be easily peeled off between the joints due to the nature of the ball joint doll made of joints. Therefore, we do not recommend body blushing service to customers who are sensitive to paint peeling.

The SOOM eyeball is a silicone eyeball that has been completed after a long period of research and testing. It has a high elasticity, so it can be closely attached to the eyeball position, and it is advantageous to create a gaze that is seen naturally in any direction. In addition, the SOOM eyes are maintained with excellent quality through strict quality control. For more details, please refer to 'SUPPORT> User's Guide'.

You can find out more at 'SUPPORT> MEASURMENTS' on our shopping mall menu or 'TRACK / CONFIRM> DOLL SIZE MEASURMENTS' at the bottom of the site.

Most of SOOM dolls are made to order only after a limited period of time (about 2 weeks). When the order period ends, the item is no longer available for ordering and production, and will be sold out. Please note that the same doll products will not be released basically.
However, we would like you to take these opportunities, as we re-release a limited number of products that have already been released through SOOM site or events for the lots of request from customers. Event schedules and products will be announced in advance through the News & Notice.

It is not available for requesting personal options and changing configurations.
The SOOM doll is basically produced with the photos and option configurations introduced on the product page. Other requests for make-up, change of materials, change of options, etc., are not available. Thank you for your understanding.

Most prices of SOOM are based on Korean Won.
In order to make a reasonable pricing, overseas sales prices are subject to change according to exchange rate, we do not pay the difference or refunding the for the price change after ordering.

All our dolls are issued with a certificate which is proving authenticity. You can check the activation information directly by viewing the serial number printed on your certificate on the 'Certificate Verification' page at the bottom of the shopping mall.

Our dolls released after 2021 are available with the smart authentication. If you tag with the NFC function activated device closer to the doll's head or chest part, you can check the certificate verification information on the screen. See more

If you fail to check the verification even though it has the correct authentication number, please contact us through Q&A board by attaching the picture of the certificate.

Since the certificate cannot be changed after the initial issued, so it cannot be reissued for the change of name, loss or damage, transfer.


If you are a member, you can check your order status from" My Account "menu after login. If you are not a member, you can check the status of your order through the ' Track Your Order ' menu at the bottom of our shopping mall.

Order Waiting : When placed order but not yet made a payment or not confirmed for a payment.
Checking Payment : Please be assured that the status will be changed to 'Order received' after confirming the payment within 2 business days without trouble.
Order Received(Order Completed) : When your payment has been confirmed and order has been successfully completed.
Shipping : When the order is being shipped and the invoice number is informed.
Delivery Delayed : When the product shipping is delaying.
Shipment Completed : When the product has been delivered.
Order Completed : This is the status that shipment has been completed and the points according to the order amount are credited in your account.
Canceled : Your order has been canceled by your cancellation request or not to be checked your payment.
Refund Completed : Your refund has been processed by your request.

Shipping Invoice can also be found in 'Home> Login> My Account> Order.

1. 1. SOOM shopping mall credit card and Paypal payment system : It is automatically linked with the payment system of our shopping mall, so you can check your payment directly from 'My Account> Order'.
2. Direct Paypal payment which is not through the payment system of SOOM shopping mall : The payment will be confirmed manually within 2 business days by the administrator, so please confirm the order status in 'My Account'.

Orders can be placed as a non-member. However, you can not get the membership points for the order. Please enjoy special benefits such as membership points and event promotion after sign up.

If you are a non-member, you can check the status of your order through the 'Track Your Order' menu at the bottom of the shopping mall.
You can view the delivery status of your order by entering the invoice number on the link page of 'TRACK / CONFIRM> EMS Track' at the bottom of the shopping mall.

If you place an order, an order confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically.
E-mail also will be sent automatically when order status changes, such as confirmation of payment, shipping.
However, emails may not be sent you due to various reasons. In that case, please log in to our shopping mall and check your order status in 'My Account' directly.
If you are a non-member, you can check the status of your order at 'Track Your Order' at the bottom of the shopping mall.

If you would like to change your order, please request through the Q&A board.
If the order period ends, please kindly understand that we will not be able to change your order because the raw material purchase and production are already proceeding.

In case of a large doll, you can not place more than one doll for an order. Depending on the doll size, the maximum order quantity per order is set differently. Please understand that large dolls are limited with the maximum order quantity inevitably due to the high risk of damage during shipment.

※ Cancellation of order will be 100% refundable only if you cancel your order within 24 hours after payment. All other orders cancellation or refund request will be subject to cancellation fee (25% of the order amount excluding shipping). Please note the following precautions for your order carefully.

1. Cancel your order before payment - All items
You can cancel your order before your payment. If you want to cancel, please log on to 'My Account' page and click the 'Cancel Order' button.

2.Automatic cancel of order - All Items
If payment confirmation can not be made within 2 days from the order date, the order will be automatically canceled. If you want to recover your order after automatic cancellation, please request it via Q&A board. Limited or out of stock or end of order period items may not be recoverable.

3. Cancel orders for 'Made to Order' - All Resin Dolls and Limited Products
Basically, all 'Made to Order' can not be canceled after 48 hours from the payment date. In case of layaway order, it is not possible to cancel the order after 48 hours from the first payment date. Our all resin dolls and most outfit, wigs and optional parts are basically made to order according to your order requirement. Therefore, if an order is canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of SOOM, except for the death of the purchaser, disappearance, natural disaster, or other equivalent reasons, 25% of the total order amount shall be charged as a cancellation fee.

4. Order cancellation of general merchandise - Before delivery
If you wish to cancel your order, you can 'cancel your order' directly from 'My Account'. No cancellation fee will be charged if the cancellation of the order is normally received prior to shipment from the SOOM.

5. Cancellation of general merchandise order - After shipment
Please note that if your order has already been shipped before the cancellation order is received, you will be charged for the 25% cancellation fee includes shipping and handling costs for the cancellation or return of the order.

If you have successfully completed the payment, but it is displayed before the payment, it takes time to confirm the payment due to the following reasons.

1. It usually takes 2 business days to confirm the payment.
2. If the order amount does not match the deposit amount, the payment confirmation processing will be delayed.
3. If the name of the payer and the name of the purchaser do not match, the payment confirmation will be delayed.

If your order status still displays ‘Order waiting' after 4 days from the payment date, please contact us through the Q&A bulletin board and we will promptly check and process it.

Yes, it is possible. Our shopping mall offers its own ‘non-interest layaway program'. You can choose the installment period depending on the amount of the order. For more information, please refer to 'SUPPORT> CUSTOMER GUIDE>II-5. SOOM Layaway Plan’ on our site.

Our shopping mall has been developed for easy and convenient ordering on most PCs and smartphones. However, depending on the setting environment of the user's PC or smartphone, there may be cases where it sometimes fails. If the error is repeated during the payment process, please refer to the recommended environment below and try to make a payment from another PC or mobile device. Please attach a screenshot of the page where the error occurred and post it on the Q&A bulletin board.

  • Recommended browsers : Chrome, Safari

The deposit will be credited to the 'Shipment  Completed' status. If your order status is in the order processing stage, it means that you are not in the stage to reserve yet. Generally, the point providing time is 15 days after the date of shipment, and it is time to change the status to 'Shipment Completed' status. Also, please check if the product you purchased is eligible to earn points. Depending on the item, there may be a point-exclusion product. Discount specials, event items, service items, shipping fee, etc. are not eligible to earn points.

Orders as a non-member cannot have points. Points are also not transferable. To get points, please make sure to order after you sign up.


- If you are a member, click the 'MY ACCOUNT'> Orders' then click ‘View Invoice’, and check the invoice history and click the print button to print.
- If you are a non-member, you can print the invoice in the same way as the member at 'Track Your Order' at the bottom of the shopping mall.

All SOOM products are prepared at our office in Korea and shipped to customers. Once your payment and progress for the product are confirmed, production begins, and once production is complete, preparations are made for shipment in order.

The production period is about 8~12 weeks(60~90 days) after your full payment day. Please refer to the period for each product below.

1. Pre-ordered products (Dolls, Parts, Eyes, Wigs, Outfits, Shoes, Accessories, etc.)
Shipped in 8~12 weeks(60~90 days) after your full payment day.
(Dolls are produced through collaboration with artists in each field. So please note that the production period may be extended in some cases due to detailed work.)
2. General products (Additional products required for doll care, such as assembly, makeup, customize supplies, etc.)
Ships in 1~2 workdays after your full payment day (If the order quantity exceeds the stock quantity, the preparation period may change.)

SOOM's basic policy is to ship as quickly as possible. But since providing excellent quality is more important than fast delivery, production requires detailed work by multiple artists.
We would like to send you better quality dolls to reward our customers' waiting, so we ask for your cooperation and patience.

All items in our shopping mall are shipped overseas by EMS international shipping service from Korea.
For countries where EMS international shipping is available, you can find a detailed list through the 'Delivery Available Countries' section. However, in some countries, it may be changed depending on the circumstances of the destination country.

1. In case of bundle shipping is available
- If your order 1 doll and small and light items (eyeball, wig, outfit, shoes, etc.) in a shopping cart (cart), they are processed as a single order and bundled.

2. If you cannot ship the bundle
- 2 dolls, heavy and bulky items, items with high risk of damage.
- More than two orders or different order dates.

※ We have provided some bundle shipping service by customer's request. However, if dolls are shipping together, there is a high possibility of damage. If two different orders are combined, it will not be processed because it causes a wrong delivery. Please understand that these policies are designed to improve your delivery and customer service.

If you do not receive the product after one week of receiving the mail about shipping from us, please refer to the following cases for quick resolution.

CASE 1. Delayed delivery at the post office by mistyping the address
1) Please leave the SOOM Customer Center (Q&A bulletin board) that you have not received your order yet, your order number, and your email information.
2) We will send the information about delivery of goods to you on the bulletin board reply or your mail in SOOM.
3) Visit the post office with your identity card and shipping address information to find it.

CASE 2. If the parcel were delivered but you were absent
1) If you are absent, the 'absence notice' will be left. Please ask for re-delivery to the post office based on the 'Missing Notice'.
2) The storage period differs depending on the country. Once the storage period has elapsed, the parcel can be returned to us again. Please note that shipping fee and handling fees should be paid by you when the parcel is returned due to absence.
3) If you have not received the "Missing Notice", please leave your order number and e-mail information on the Q&A board that you have not received the goods yet. We will reply on the Q&A board about shipping information for it.
4) Please contact your nearest post office with your identification and shipping information.

International shipping products will be delivered to you after the customs inspection of the imported goods at the destination country.
Most of them are customs clearance, but in rare cases, delaying occurs depending on the country of destination. Customs clearance is mostly waiting for customs declaration of goods and payment of customs duties. Customs duties may be imposed on customs clearance if the amount of declaration is over a certain level. Because customs rules and local conditions are very different, customs matters are the fastest way to get in touch with customs in your country.

Since doll orders are shipped in the order of full payment, they are usually shipped in 8~12 weeks (60~90 days) after payment is completed.

The production process for the dolls is carried out step by step by hand with artists and various experts, so they are completed in small quantities every day. Among them, finished products that have completely completed various processes are shipped sequentially based on the order of full payment, so please wait patiently so that we can package them safely and send them to you.

In the case of the orders with SOOM layaway payment, preparation will be made for production once your first payment is confirmed, so we generally ship in 30 days after full payment.

In order to prevent an infection, we are complying with strict quarantine guidelines such as periodic disinfection of our work space and facilities and limiting access to outsiders.
All the employees of SOOM are allowed to enter the work space after going through a non-contact body temperature check and hand sterilization, as well as doing a periodic rapid antigen detection test in order to respond to the new virus that has a strong contagious power.
And if someone has any suspicious symptoms, we immediately limit their work and switch to telecommuting after a detection test because we can do an untact work by utilizing the in-house intranet.
In particular, those who handle products are always wear masks and gloves in safe facilities, and personnel comply with quarantine rules and ship so that customers can feel safe.


1. Custom Order Returns
Almost SOOM doll orders are ‘CUSTOM ORDERS’ which means cannot be returned. When returning the item, we will refund 25% of the amount of the order price excluding shipping fee as the inventory charge.

2. If the customer made an incorrect order
If you request a return within 10 days after the item is shipped, we will refund 25% of the item price as the inventory charge. All products must be returned as unused. All components (accessories, manuals, certificates) must remain unused in the unopened box. After 10 days, it can be proceed your inventory at our discretion. Once the return authorization number is issued, it will be valid for 15 days. After 15 days, SOOM can refuse to return.

We only accept returned if there is a defective with the product. If you find any defectives, please apply for AS through the Q&A board within 7 days from received date. If the product is considered a defective, we will guide you through the return process to replace it with the same item. In most cases, our check should be proceed before the return process. Therefore, please leave a message to the Q&A board before returning the item and we will guide you through the return procedure. When returning, all items (manual, accessories, etc.) must be delivered as new unused items.

The doll's make-up is inevitably different due to the hand made one by one for the dolls. In addition, we need your understanding that actual product color and image color may differ depending on the brightness and color setting of your PC, monitor, or smartphone.
We are trying to make the same as the product picture, but since it is impossible to make the 100% same make-up, it can not be corrected and reworked for this reason.

Dolls made of resin can have spots or bubbles during the production process. Especially, in case of special resin color containing dark color resin or pearl color such as grey, brown tan, violet skin color are unlike other general color resin, it is impossible to complete perfect coloring due to its pigment and material, so they inevitably occurs a color difference, and stain spots due to marbling. Therefore, spots and stains caused by the coloring process are not regarded as defective products.

The parting line (step, joint line) is caused by the structure of the mold which is making the dolls. In addition, the gate (seam) is the part that becomes the entrance to inject the liquid resin, and the part is separated by cutting it. So the ball jointed dolls are inevitably caused parting lines and gates in this process, and these are the part of the Hobby product that is directly removed by the customers who purchased it. The process of removing those marks and cleaning the surface is also known as Aesthe, and the aesthetic tools are sold separately, so please refer to the 'Tools' product category.

For dark colored resins such as gray, brown tan, violet skin, etc., it is recommended not to use aesthetic work. Unlike light colored resin, dark colored resin has a side effect that when the surface is rubbed with sandpaper, the surface becomes rough and appears white.

You can apply at any time as the warranty offer period is not limited.

But due to the large number of molds we have been made so far, some of the discontinued or discarded products may be difficult to provide warranty depending on the mold status.

For this matter, we guarantee the absolute warranty period for 2 years from the date of shipment, and during that time, we keep the molds for all the dolls and parts, ensuring the perfect warranty.

And most of the molds are managed so that they can always be worked for the production after the absolute warranty period is over, so please feel free to request for the warranty.

1. Applicable to : Doll heads

2. Application deadline : No limit

3. Application conditions : Certificate of Authenticity, Order number, Take the existing head back.

4. How to apply : Please apply through our Q&A board. Attaching the photos for the Certificate of Authenticity and the head are required.

* We will exchange the same model and color.
* The Certificate of Authenticity is the same, so can not be re-issued.
* Shipping fee for the paid exchange should be paid by the customer.
* Unconfirmed Certificate of Authenticity and suspected illegal recasts will not be available for the exchange.
* Discontinued products or pre-updated(old) models may be difficult to exchange.
* Doll bodies can be purchased the additional bodies during the sales periods of the same size dolls.
* Hands and feet parts are always on sale, so you can buy them anytime.

Face-up cleaning solutions mostly have toxic chemicals, so no matter how the correct solvent can be used, discoloration and bleaching may occur depending on the conditions of use, temperature, and doll’s condition.
If the chemicals touch the doll, it will not be visible to our eyes, but the urethane surface will melt slightly, so it is important to use with the shortest time to minimize the damage.
Especially, the bleaching occurs mainly at the gate removal area where sandpaper can inevitably used during the manufacturing process, and it becomes more prominent in dark colored dolls.
But this is an unavoidable natural phenomenon for making dolls, so please note that those are not eligible for a refund or exchange.


Parting lines and gate marks are unavoidable in the production process of handmade dolls. Parting lines and gates are removed with a cutter knife, art knife or router (portable power tool) and then rubbed with soft sandpaper.

* Carefully use sharp tools and wear protective goggles to prevent small objects getting into your eyes while removing parting lines and gates.
* We are providing 'Removing seam line service' with fee but only for Cream White and Normal Skin colors. If you wish to use this service, please contact us via Q &A board then we will send you a payment link.

Please refer to the instructions that how to stand alone on the 'Owner's Guide' provided with the dolls.
If the floor or stands where the doll is located is not horizontal or flat, stand alone may be difficult. If there is a blanket or cloth on the floor, please try again after removing it. The tension of elastic cord in the dolls have too strong or too weak, they cannot withstand themselves, so please refer to the instruction manual and adjust the tension for the proper length before setting up the doll.

* To prevent damage of the doll, do not let it stand alone in a high place. It may be damaged if it falls down at a height of about 40cm or more.
* If you want the doll to stand more safely, please use the stand all the time.

1. Since the Ball joint doll is made of polyurethane, when exposed to sunlight, yellowing (color changing) occurs. Yellowing can be somewhat avoided by spraying UV coating.
2. Dolls are easily dyed with blue fabric. If so, it can be removed by cotton with thinner or acetone.
3. Face-up and body blushing may become discolored or damaged over time. In this case, you can use a soft cloth with warm soapy water to clean it neatly. Be careful not to get wet to prevent falling eyelashes.
4. Moving the doll frequently can cause scratches or damage to the body blushing. Care must be taken that hard objects on the surface do not touch the doll. If you want to remove or change the paint, you can remove it with a thinner using a brush or a soft cloth. Work should be done in a well-ventilated area, avoiding children and animals, and prohibited in areas exposed to light.
5. If you touch your eyebrows, they may be damaged or folded. To replace damaged eyebrows, use warm water to remove glue from below. Once the glue is removed, the damaged eyebrows can easily be removed or replaced.
6. The tension line becomes loose with time. If it loosens, it may need to be reassembled and replaced.
7. When adjusting the tension line, it is difficult to assemble when adjusting the tension line too much, and the doll may be broken over time. Please refer to 'SUPPORT> Owner's Guide> Tension Line Length by Doll' in the menu of Breath Mall to adjust the tension line to the length of the recommended tension line.

Please refer to the instructions how to assemble on the 'Owner's Guide' you received with the doll. Please refer to the following procedure for assembly.

[ Assembly of upper body ] 
1. Cut ‘Tension 1’ to the proper length, then place the knot inside of the body, and place the tension through the holes on shoulder of the body to adjust the same length for the both sides.
2. Place through the tension from the upper arm, to the nut joint, to the lower arm, and to the wrist joint in order what you want to assemble, then pull the tension, and hang the tension on the hand parts.
3. Assemble the other side in the same way.

[ Assembling the lower body and the upper body ]
4. Cut 'Tension 2' the proper length, then fold it in half, and place the center spot through the hole of the neck and fix it with the S-hook.
5. Place 'Tension 2' through the both ends of the upper body and the lower body, and pull them one by one through the hole of the legs to have a similar length.
6. Place the tension through from the upper leg, lower leg and ankle in order where you want to assemble, then hang the tension on the foot part hook.
7. Assemble the other side in the same way.

Please refer to our shopping mall menu 'SUPPORT> Owner's Guide> SOOM Eyes User’s Guide'.

1. Before washing, remove the eyelashes by soaking them in lukewarm water and remove them. And remove the enameled part with an enamel remover first and then remove the face up.
2. Use a diluted thinner for modeling, not an industrial thinner as a cleaning solution.
3. Especially, we recommend that the head should be cleaned with a soft tool such as cotton or cotton swab rather than immersed in the cleaning solution.
4. Special color other than cream white or normal color... especially, dark color may cause whitening depending on the degree and time after thinner washing.
5. Be sure to work after wearing a mask in a well-ventilated place.

* For cleaning due to contamination, not washing makeup or body blushing, wipe it gently with a wet tissue or a magic block(melamine form) moistened with water. After cleaning, disassemble the doll and dry it completely before assembling to prevent getting rust on the metal parts or mold.

• About makeup cleaning solutions – our comments after test 

Modeling thinner should be used, and cleaning should be done within a short period of time (recommended within 10 minutes). Since the urethane surface melts finely, it is also recommended to minimize the act of rubbing the surface. It may cause whitening if the applied place is rubbed by sandpaper, such as gate part. Please do not use industrial thinner.

You must use a remover for urethane and the cleaning power is less than thinner, but cleaning is possible. but it is difficult to recommend because it is difficult to accurately identify the ingredients of the removers in the market. In the case of dark color, whitening or color loss may occur on the gate part scrubbed with sandpaper, and on the scratched surface. so it is not recommended to use dark colored dolls if possible, especially for long periods of immersion.

Others (usually not used often, but for those who are curious)
In the case of ethanol, it was confirmed that the coating was not erased and the coating was floating in a fluorescent blue white color.
Acetone is not recommended for reasons such as bleaching or color fading.

Even if the correct solvent is used, the result may differ depending on the condition of the doll or use, and the temperature.
Minimize using of the cleaning solutions is recommended because all chemicals that may damage the resin (urethane).
In the case of dark colors, whitening and color fading may appear prominently, so if you do mind for this, please refrain from using as much as possible.
Do not use near fire, and keep out of reach of children after use.

Please refer to the following procedure for how to pierce a doll.

1. Prepare pencil and pin (drill beat, 0.5~1mm in diameter).
2. Point the earlobes with a pencil.
3. Now use the pin. Fix the pin to the point and turn it until it passes through the earlobe.
4. Turn left and right alternately.
* Do not need to give excessive force when turning.

If the elastic cord in the doll is too tight, it increases the risk of damage to each part connection,
so the doll is assembled with the elastic cord in a less tension.
If the tension of the elastic cord is not equal, please check the knot of the elastic cord is in the center.
The knot of the elastic cord should be placed in the center of the doll, so that the tension works evenly and no loosening occurs on either side.
If the knot is skewed to one side, you can adjust the tension by pulling the elastic cord in the doll, or pulling the arm, leg, and torso part of the assembled doll to make the knot moves the center.
If you want it to be a little tighter, you can disassemble the doll, and cut the elastic cord a little shorter, and reassemble it. At this time, be careful to place the knot of the elastic cord should be in the center.

Last updated on 05/04/2022