skin color

It is the skin color sample photograph of SOOM doll.

※ Depending on the screen settings, actual colors may differ. Please use as reference.

Cream White (CW) 
Cream (CR)
Normal Skin (NS)
Tawny (TW)
Bronze (BZ)
Brown Tan/Choco (BT/CC)
eony White (PW)
Baby Pink (BP)
Grey (GR)
Pale Violet (PV)
ight Violet (LV)
Viola Purple (VP)
Snow Blue (SB)
Pale Blue (PB)
Powder Blue (PWB)
Honey Yellow (HY)
Rose Pink (RP)
Brick Red (BR)
Coffee Black (CBK)
New Colors
New Colors

* 画像は Nicon D7000. f10 .1/250sec. iso100. 35mm. WB. K5000 で撮影しました。

Last updated on 23/03/2020