Resumption of EMS delivery for 12 countries including Taiwan (TW)

Thank you for loving our dolls.
We’re glad to let you know regarding EMS international shipping.

In the meantime, EMS delivery service was temporarily suspended in some countries due to Covid-19, so delivery was only possible with EMS premium.

But from now on, we’re advised by the Post office that EMS delivery for 12 countries including Taiwan will be resumed.

So the customers who are in the countries, please refer to the follows

ㅇ Target : EMS

ㅇ Countries : Netherlands (NL), Taiwan (TW), Mexico (MX), Brazil (BR), Saudi Arabia (SA), Switzerland (CH), Spain (ES), United Arab Emirates (AE), Chile (CL), Kazakhstan (KZ), Qatar (QA), Poland (PL), India (IN)

We hope this pandemic will be better soon so that we can live a daily life as before.

Thank you very much and take care of yourself and your family.


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