[Notice] Notice for the recall of Romantic Hyun head (黑彲 – 玄 : Romantic Hyun) released in Feb. 2024

Thank you for loving our dolls.

We’re sorry to announce a recall notice to our customers who ordered 玄 : Romantic Hyun doll in February of this year. 

In the process of changing the cut line of this head, the issue of the resin becoming relatively thin has been confirmed, so we decide to re-produce the entire heads for better look.
We would like to collect and exchange the heads that have already been shipped as follows. 

We sincerely apologize to the customers who have been waiting for ‘黑彲 – 玄 : Romantic Hyun’. 
This decision is for providing better quality dolls, so we ask for your understanding. 

1. Information on return procedures for the heads that have already been shipped

• Recall target : Romantic head(Normal Skin) of the ‘黑彲 – 玄 : Romantic Hyun’ that have already shipped. (No need to return certificate)
• Recall deadline : Until May 16, 2024 (based on the return date) 
• Recall address : SOOM Korea  (Tel. 82 2 2038 2935)  
         #B211 Hongmungwan Bldg, Hongik University, 94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea. (zip 04066)      
• Return method: Send the head back to the address above by EMS with prepayment, and then let us know your order number and attach a photo of the receipt you paid through our Q&A board to refund the shipping cost you paid.
And please let us know a tracking number for the shipping.
– Please declare “$50 USD” for the value
– Please enclose a note with your order number.
– No need to return the certificate
– No other packaging such as personal box or other excessive packaging than a bubble wrap is required.    
• Precaution
    * The name, phone number, and shipping address of the person who will receive the replace head will be the same as the existing order information.
    * If your shipping address or contact information has changed, or if there are any other inquiries, please let us know in advance through our Q&A board.
    * Please note that if you do not return the head within the deadline, it will be considered that you do not intend to exchange it. 
    * Additional purchases are not accepted due to reasons such as face-up or loss, and only the collected head will be exchanged.

2. Notice of delayed shipment of unshipped orders

  As new mold manufacturing and re-production progress, the production schedule may inevitably be extended. 
  We need your understanding in advance if the delivery date is partially delayed, and we will do our best to ship them as soon as possible. 

【Expected Reproduction and shipping Schedule】
After confirming receipt of the returned heads from our head office, we will re-produce and ship them in order from June. And orders that have not yet been shipped will also be shipped in order from June.
Although the delivery date is partially delayed, we would like to ship a better product, so please understand in advance. 
Once again, we sincerely apologize for your inconvenience, and we will do our best to ensure that you receive a best quality doll as soon as possible. 

If you have any inquiries or reply with a tracking number for return, please contact us through our Q&A board as below. 
    – 한국어 ▶ https://id.dollsoom.com/support/qna/ 
    – English ▶ https://id.dollsoom.com/en/support/qa/  
    – 中文 ▶https://id.dollsoom.com/zh-hans/support/qna/
    – 日本語 ▶ https://id.dollsoom.com/ja/support/qna/

Thank you. 

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