Notice for quantity restrictions when ordering large quantities and clearance of duplicate accounts

Thank you for loving our dolls.
We would like to inform our customers who order dolls in large quantities that there are two important notices regarding the ordering process


Maximum order quantity is 20 Qty per person per day   

This year, there have been repeated cases of our dolls sold out early due to a rush of orders as soon as they were released. So to ensure that more customers have the opportunity to purchase, we will limit orders to 20 dolls per person per day starting on Oct. 10, 2023.
You can order up to 20 dolls per day until they’re sold out, and please note that if the order quantity is exceeded, it may be canceled at the discretion of the administrator


Duplicate accounts prohibited
In order to limit cases where the same person makes multiple accounts and receives duplicate benefits provided to each person, making multiple accounts will be strictly prohibited.
If you have opened multiple accounts, we ask you to leave only one account by Dec. 31, 2023 and clear(withdraw) the remaining duplicate accounts.
If duplicate accounts are confirmed, all the accounts except the account with the most order history will be cleared(deleted) by administrator. If the accounts are deleted, all existing membership levels and points will be deleted and cannot be transferred or restored, so we recommend you to use your remaining points first within the deadline
Please understand that there is a limit to the production quantity since the entire process of our dolls is handcrafted by multiple production teams using various options desired by customers.
For the customers ordering 20 or more dolls per day, this may be inconvenient, but we need your understanding for other customers

This is an inevitable measure to improve the quality of service by sharing purchasing opportunities with more customers, so we ask again for your understanding and cooperation. Thank you


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