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The following cases are not defective so it cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded.


Defects that are not visible when the eyeball is assembled are not considered as a defective.
Microbubbles and slight scratches may occur due to the process of eyeball production.
There may be slight differences between both eyes since they are produced by handwork.
Please use the white clay for fixing eyes to prevent pigmentation in the eyes.
The eyes are gradually yellowed if it is exposed to the sun.


Since they are produced by handwork, pattern, wash, stitched, finishing can be different from the sample images.
Please be careful with wearing for a long period of time may stain doll.
Depending on supply and demand, raw materials may change without notice.
Please be careful not to damage the doll when wearing or removing the tight items


The image on the product page could look different from the actual product depending on the setting of the screen.
The image is could be different depending on the actual styling.
Please note that there may be individual differences such as the length and curl since it is produced by handwork.
The wig yarn may fall out little bit when using the wig for the first time, and there may be seams or other colored yarn inside of the head cap which occurs in the manufacturing process, but it is not a defective.
The cap may be seen through the wigs made of light-colored yarn.
Please note that dark colored wigs may cause stain and coloring when worn for a long time.
Frequent use of hair irons and dryers or styling at a high temperature can damage the yarn.
For some products, the wig cap may be seen depending on the design or styling.


Recast products cannot be guaranteed for the official warranty.

• Please do not use a store that sells recast goods. High risk of fraudulent transactions.
• Products that sell at a lower price than the normal price of our site are likely to be recast dolls.
• Please be careful for the seller who is selling our products at all times after sales periods or old products..
• Our dolls do not sell other site except for the SOOM official website.
• Please be careful for the seller who is copying images of SOOM on the AliExpress, Taobao, eBay, etc.


We will do our best to provide fast and safe delivery.


Shipping Area: Worldwide
Shipper: EMS, or EMS premium(not available for some area)
Shipping fee: Automatic guide of EMS rates when selecting shipping area
Delivery time: 7~10 business days(varies by area)
Product preparation period: Made to order about 8~14 weeks | General items about 1~2 days.
* Some products may take more time to prepare the product.
* Overseas delivery may be delayed due to local customs.


The buyer is responsible for the international shipments for which is import duties and taxes may applied. This charge is imposed in the destination country and we cannot handle with it.
If the buyer is returned with a refusal to receive the item, the related cost (round-trip shipping, handling fee, etc.) is buyer’s responsibility.


Our products are made to order so cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.


We only accept returned if there is a defective with the product.
If you find any defectives, please apply for AS through the Q&A board within 7 days from recieved date.
Requests for returns must include the order number and the photo that can be checked for the defective.
If the product is considered a defective, we will guide you through the return process to replace it with the same item.
When returning, all items (manual, accessories, etc.) must be delivered as new unused items.
In case of defective products due to our mistake, we will bear the returning shipping cost.
Return shipments without prior consent will not be accepted.
In the following cases, exchange or return are not acceptable.
• If the seller does not admit that it is defective (see note)
• If the product has been used, or the value of the product has decreased due to damage to the package or product.
• If your request for a replacement or return is received after 7 days from the delivered date.
• Damaged by the user's carelessness or simple changing mind


Cancellation of order will be refundable only if you cancel your order within 24 hours after payment. But if the order is canceled due to customer's change of mind or mistake, any charges incurred during the order payment or cancellation and refund process should be paid by the customer, and the refund amount may differ depending on the exchange rate.
Basically, made to order products cannot be canceled after 24 hours from the payment. In case of unavoidable cancellation is needed due to customer's situations, inventory handling cost (25% of order amount) will be charged, so please make an order carefully.
Please contact us through our Q & A board if you want to cancel your order.


We guarantee the warranty for our dolls as below.
Free warranty - The product is confirmed as defective after receiving the warranty application within 7 days from the delivery date.
Paid warranty - Product damaged by the user’s negligence.
* Warranty offer period has not limited. Some products may be difficult to provide warranty depending on the molds after the absolute warranty period (2 years).
* Free warranty shipping fee is paid by us, but and paid warranty shipping fee should be paid by the customer.
* Please apply for the warranty through our Q&A board

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